Meetings With Remarkable Guests

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For me, it is abundantly clear that the main joy in running our Tree Frog Night Inn is found in my many conversations with guests.  We have been fortunate to host a wide variety of people through the years and usually I am lucky to have some extended dialogue with them, either in first greeting them, during one of our social hours, over breakfast, or just in my daily course of activity about the grounds. I always learn something new and stimulating, or find inspiration in their stories and lives.  I’ve found that all people are interesting, whether they worked with Walt Disney, played at Jimmy Carter’s inauguration, directed a film showing at our local independent theater, The Pickford, (to mention a few of our guests), or were stay-at-home parents of children just here looking for a little extra sleep.  Everyone has a story to tell as well as something to teach me, and common ground is the rule, not the exception.   It may be found in experience, through much-loved music or books, in lifelong goals or daily habits, travel, a common outlook on the world at large, or a mutual sense of humor. All are welcome here.


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