Tree Frog Night Inn Awards



Our little inn received two prestigious awards this year. One, from Corp America as a selection in their North American Excellence Awards, is for the Best Boutique Inn, 2017 – Washington. On their website they state that their Excellence Awards, based solely on merit, honor those, “whose consistency to provide exceptional service has been the driving force behind their innovation and commitment to thrive within the sector.”

A second award, received in 2016, was from Lux Magazine as “Best B&B Accomodation.” We were one of only 3 in Washington to receive this recognition which was based on “nominations and reviews made by clients, peers and industry professionals.”

It is certainly great to be recognized in this manner.  However, the recognition that most matters to us is that which we receive directly from our guests.  It may come in the form of a thankful entry into the guest book, a relaxed look of a guest who leaves here refreshed, or a contented sigh from a breakfast guest pushing back from the table after one of our homegrown and homemade meals.  Thanks to those of you who feed us in this way.



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