The Fruits of Our Labors

2016 berries 2

Here at Tree Frog Night Inn, spring and early summer have been kind to us.  We’ve had a good dose of nice hot weather interspersed with some light showers and cooler days.  It’s been perfect for growing berries.  For quite a while now our guests have been offered some of our organic, fresh-picked berries as part of their breakfast, including several varieties of strawberries (some ever-bearing), both red and golden raspberries, and a variety of blueberries as well.  We are just now starting to pick some orange carpet raspberries, growing low to the ground down in the permaculture orchard.  Soon peaches, figs, pears and apples will be ripening.  In years to come, many more varieties of home-grown fruit will be available for your dining pleasure: plums, marionberries, kiwi, goji berries, and nectarines to name a few –a veritable cornucopia.


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